Wireless LAN

6837Resolving Mesh Node Login Issues After Vigor2865 /2866 Upgrade to Version
6420Mesh compatible AP with the current routers and APs
6289How to set up a Wireless MESH network using DrayTek Access Points
6222How to Set up a Hotspot Web Portal with Click Through Login on a DrayTek Router
5872How to login to a Vigor Access Point
5856AP-based Access Point Management (APM)
5294How to Create Wi-Fi Mesh Connection using Wired Uplink Mode
5263Tips for Setting up Wi-Fi Mesh Networks
4988VigorAP 802 as a Wi-Fi Extender between Two DrayTek Access Points
4808Installing and Using DrayTek VigorConnect Management Software
4680802.11r Fast Roaming Using VigorAP 903
4474What type of antenna connector do Vigor routers use?
2966What is WMM?
2963What is Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS)
2956What is WPA, and is it better than WEP?
2955What is WEP?
2953What is WDS?
2946What is the difference between the two WDS Modes (Bridge & Repeater Modes)?
2944What is Roaming?
2940What is Infrastructure Mode?
2938What is APSD?
2936What is Ad Hoc Mode?
2934What are WLANs?
2918How to Configure WMM QoS In Vigor Routers
2916How many wireless stations can be associated with a DrayTek wireless router?
2914How many wireless devices can connect using the Access Control?
2907How can I extend the range of my DrayTek Wireless?
2905Does the Vigor2820n/Vn router support PEAP for WIFI Security/Authentication?
2896Configuring Wireless on the 2600G router
2892Cannot Ping PCs on another Wireless SSID
2890Can the Country Wireless Setting be changed in Vigor Routers?
2888Can I add wireless LAN to a DrayTek router?
28852820Vn Wireless Shutdown
2647Is there anyway I can configure my DrayTek to operate as a wireless ATA?
2380AP800 Universal Repeater settings using 2700VG
2366AP800 WDS Procedure
2357AP Bridge-Point to Point
2351Configuring 2820 as an access point
2348DrayTek 2710ne – Unable to Access LAN resource while on Wireless Mode
2340How do I configure the built in RADIUS Server on the AP800
2336iPhone 4 disconnects frequently via wireless connection
2333Problems with Wireless LAN on Vigor2820Vn/n
1965AP800 Universal Repeater settings using Vigor2130 Router
1895Configuring DrayTek Vigor2830 for limited Guest Wi-Fi access
1890Configuring Guest Wi-Fi LAN in Vigor2820
1818How to Use Multiple SSID / Multiple subnets on Access Point
1691Why do we need 802.11ac?
1669What is Airtime Fairness?
1525How to Configure Point to Point Bridging Between Two Wireless Access Points
1501Configuring the VigorAP 800 as a Wireless Repeater
1471Webinar – DrayTek’s Latest Solution for Multiple Wi-Fi AP Deployment
1443How to Configure Point to Multi Point Bridging Between Multiple Wireless Access Points
1403Video – Configuring and using Access Point Management in Vigor2860 & Vigor2925 Routers
1225How to Restrict some HTTP and HTTPS Web Sites for Wi-Fi Guest Users
760How to Disable the WLAN ON/OFF/WPS Switch in Vigor Wireless Routers and Vigor Access Points
640How to connect Vigor Wireless Router to two Vigor APs by Bridge-WDS mode?
588How to setup LAN and WAN connections via wireless with 2 APs
514How to configure the Vigor2710ne router to be used as an access point
359Wireless LAN Troubleshooting Tips
4658Wi-Fi Roaming and how to use it on VigorAP
4345Configuring and using Access Point Management in Vigor2860 & Vigor2925 Routers
2951What is the range of a wireless network?
2928Using Multiple SSIDs in Vigor Routers
2923Selecting Wireless LAN Channels
2901Configuring Wireless Security in Vigor Routers
4087Should I use Wired or Wireless Network?
4204The wireless connection between Intel Centrino laptop and Vigor2800G keeps dropping out when I use WPA-PSK/TKIP.
446612 tips for improving your wireless network
4472What is the actual speed I can expect from wireless?
4512What is Call Bumping, and how do I use it?
4507My wireless utility doesn’t support WPA. How can I use WPA?
4505Can I use WPA with a Windows 2000 PC?
4503Utilities for troubleshooting Wireless LAN
4501My laptop associates to the access point, but DHCP fails to give an address. DHCP is working fine for all physically connected devices.
4496My laptop does not automatically reconnect to my WLAN after it resumes
4494My laptop or PC cannot connect by wireless to my router
4492My PC connects to the AP, however it doesn’t send or receive any packets once it has been authenticated
4489Why do wireless Vigor routers have 2 aerials?
4487What is the Packet Overdrive function on the 2700Ge?
4484Is the 2700Ge Antenna removable?
4482Is there a recommended maximum for WLAN connections?
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