If your Access Point (AP) is connected to multiple subnets, you may set up multi-SSID to separate the wireless clients to different network. This document demonstrates how to set up your AP with multi-SSID. Here is an example of AP connecting to a router that has multiple subnets and passing traffic via 802.1q

Step 1: Configuration on the Router – Vigor 2860:

1). On the router, we need to configure LAN subnets. Here we will configure 4 LAN subnets with network address,, and

2). Configure LAN 1 as subnet. For that you need to put IP address, subnet mask and DHCP configuration as shown below:

3). Similarly configure LAN 2, LAN 3 & LAN 4 as and respectively.

4). Enable the VLAN on the router

Go to LAN >> VLAN Configuration and allocate ports against the VLAN a shown below:

Enter VLAN ID under VLAN TAG

5). Connect the AP to the router’s LAN port


Step 2: Configuration on the AP 900:

1). Go to LAN >> General Setup in access point and Disable DHCP Client

2). Go to Wireless LAN (2.4GHz) >> General Setup >> Enable Wireless LAN and Configure 4 VLANS with different VLAN ID as set on the router

3). Go to Wireless LAN (2.4GHz) >> Security to set up authentication for each SSID

  1. Select a SSID
  2. Select an authentication Mode
  3. Select a WPA Algorithm
  4. Enter Pass Phrase
  5. Click OK to save

Once this configuration is done, wireless client gets IP address according to the SSID it connects to and AP passes traffic to and from the router tagged with VLAN ID. Hence one LAN physical connection between router and AP can pass traffic for all VLANs.

Note: Options may vary from model to model on Vigor routers and access points.