The latest firmware (version 3.9.3 and above) for the Vigor2862 and Vigor2926 wireless routers includes the W-Fi Mesh Feature which also supports access points connected to the router by LAN cable connection. This is known as Mesh Wired Uplink in the configuration menu as shown below:

When to use Mesh Wired Uplink

Two examples of when to use Mesh Wired uplink are:

  1. Creating a mesh network which includes both wired and wireless connections. This can be from outdoor wireless AP mesh nodes to an indoor VigorAP mesh root which is wired to the Internet gateway.
  2. When the VigorAP is powered by PoE from a switch. The Switch will provide both power and data to the access point which will cause a loop between the wireless and wired connections. Enabling the Wired Uplink option will prevent this Loop.


Before Creating the Mesh Network

1. Survey your environment and your floor plan.

Use the Wired link method where possible to get the best performance (Ethernet LAN Cabling)

2.  Vigor Router as Mesh Root:
Vigor2862/ Vigor2926 Wi-Fi router can be connected to AP903 and AP802 using Meshing over Wi-Fi. Router Firmware version 3.9.4 supports VigorAP912C and VigorAP1000C Meshing over Wi-Fi.

Vigor Router with AP912C with Mesh Wired Uplink

Vigor2862/ Mesh Router—-(Wired link) —-AP912(Mesh Root) —–Mesh Network

  1. Ensure signal strength is sufficient.

This can be checked by using AP Discovery function on each device.


  1. Mesh network is based on WDS,

The Wireless channels between two Wireless Mesh devices must use the some same 5G channel. Otherwise Mesh network cannot be connected.

AP918R is an outdoor AP. It only has 5G band3 for EU countries.
However, AP903 only supports Mesh on 5G and its channel is set as channel 40. As a result, AP918R cannot create a WDS connection with AP903.

Troubleshooting Wi-Fi Mesh Networks

1. Enable Detailed Log Level to collect Mesh Syslogs.

After enabling “detailed” log level, you should see connection logs with [dmn] prefix as shown below.

‑141­‑2019-02-27 16:14:40­‑Feb 27 16:14:38­‑AP903­‑[dmn] Add List is empty! Still start to register.­
‑141­‑2019-02-27 16:14:40­‑Feb 27 16:14:38­‑AP903­‑[dmn] dmn_pkt_send Announce-GoRegister­
‑141­‑2019-02-27 16:14:40­‑Feb 27 16:14:38­‑AP903­‑[dmn] Mesh generate my public key successfully­
‑141­‑2019-02-27 16:14:40­‑Feb 27 16:14:38­‑AP903­‑[dmn] Register start.­

2. Issues with Low RSSI

When using the Vigor router as Mesh Root and Mesh logs showing the following messages.

2020-06-10 07:38:34 [dmn] 00:1D:AA:EE:27:F5 RSSI is too low (16/30) 18 sec
2020-06-10 07:38:33 [dmn] 00:1D:AA:EE:27:F5 RSSI is too low (16/30) 17 sec

(16/30) : Mesh Root will check the signal strength of the Mesh Nodes.

  • 16 is the signal strength of mesh node,
  • 30 is the RSSI threshold.

Mesh network cannot be connected successfully when the  signal strength of Mesh Node is lower than the threshold .
To overcome this set RSSI threshold to be lower by using the CLI command below:

Telnet command to set up RSSI threshold

DrayTek> dmn set ?
% Usage : dmn set <action> <value>
% <action> :
% rssi – set rssi threshold (30 for default)
% timeout – set timeout level (in second)

If problem persists, use the topology shown in the section Before Creating Mesh Network (2)

3. If above steps fail, use Range Extender mode in the access point using 2.4Ghz (Universal repeater mode) as a workaround.