7000Configuring DrayTek Router to Use BulkSMS for SMS Alerts
6899What happens when Internet is working but many web sites cannot be accessed.
6847Fixing VigorACS 3 Login Page Loading Issues: A Step-by-Step Troubleshooting Guide
6832Router Password Recovery using Configuration Restore
1373Capturing router syslogs for diagnostic purposes
3867How to configure settings for capturing WAN and LAN packets from DrayTek Vigor Routers eg 2865
6332Slow Connections to Australian ATO Website
6201How to Configure the DrayTek Vigor167 for Bridge Mode-short Video
6103SSL VPN not Working on Apple macOS devices
6016How to Setup Smart Monitor Environment
2530When connected to a VPN the remote site can be accessed by IP address but not via hostname?
5508How to use telnet to collect console logs?
5459How to Avoid IPsec VPN Dial-Up Failure
5445L2TP over IPsec VPN compatibility with iOS14
5440How to check Smart VPN logs
5431How to Solve SmartVPN Issues
5424Adjusting VPN MSS (MTU Settings)
5419Tips to Improve Router Security
5367Capturing and Viewing Syslogs in Vigor2960/3900 with an Attached USB Drive
5329How to Regain Access to VigorSwitch if Management VLAN Changed
532111 Common Mistakes When Creating VPN Connections
5263Tips for Setting up Wi-Fi Mesh Networks
5242Troubleshooting tips for VPNs not connecting
5238Password Requirements for DrayTek Devices
5191Router Performance with TR-069 Updates Using VigorACS 2
5179Tools Available to Detect MTU Size
5165Resolving Intermittent Connectivity Issues with Titan Software
5105Collecting Debug Logs from Vigor3910 using the Console Port
5096IKEv2 EAP VPN Log Analysis
4943Troubleshooting Unstable VPN Connections
4844Troubleshooting High CPU Load Conditions in Vigor3900 Router
4749Why VPN Connection to NordVPN with IKEv2 EAP protocol Cannot be Established?
4746How to get the Serial Number of a Remote Vigor Router
3748How do I create additional user accounts in Vigor Routers?
3379DrayTek Telnet Commands
3178How can I configure my Vigor router from a remote location?
2867Two Level Management Mechanism
2854Sample config for Mail Alert
2852Vigor2820 Web View File Names Truncated
2849Workaround for Vigor2820 session limit bug
2844Yahoo videos are blocked by the 2800
2673How to Change Anti-Spam Query Address in VigorPro5510
2635How to Analyse VPN IPSec Logs
2514Configuring Vigor2820 to use MTU size of 1500 for PPPoA
2348DrayTek 2710ne – Unable to Access LAN resource while on Wireless Mode
1911Unable to access HTTPS server after upgrading firmware in Vigor2830 to version 3.6.4
1569Video – How to Recover the Router if Firmware is Corrupted
1518How to Reset/Clear Passwords for DrayTek Devices
1409Unable to Access Some Web Sites
900Troubleshooting LTE Connectivity Issues with DrayTek LTE Routers
334How to fix Session Limit Reached issue in DrayTek Routers
5771Capturing router LAN data packets for analysis
1492Unable to Access Remote Router Web Page over IPsec VPN Tunnel
1591How to Reset the Router to Factory Default settings
3195Where is the Manual for the QoS functions?
3193Will you repair my faulty router immediately while I wait if I bring the router to you?
3186An Introduction to SIP and debug logs
3184CLIR (hide caller ID) Not Working
3182How to Capture Windows PPP Logs
3165I Cannot Access the Internet, but I Can Access My Router Web Configuration Page
3161Troubleshooting and Repair
3158Ways to Debug VoIP Issues
3156Answering machine not picking up VoIP calls
3144Changing Ring Pattern to Improve Caller ID Response Time
3140Distorted Voice Quality when using VOIP
3294Setting Up PPPoE Authentication on your PC.
3342How to set up Multiple IPSEC SA’s between the same two hosts when NOT SUPPORTED???
3339How to Set up Public IP Alias Address as Source Address for Mail
3328I cannot get into my Vigor’s web configurator and the Dial-up Networking tries to dial continuously. What should I do?
3280Why am I Unable to Connect to my Mail Server via HTTPS from the Internet?
3277Why can’t my router be used with my cable modem?
3274Why Does Enabling Stateful Packet Inspection on the 2700 Router Causes Performance to Drop?
3314Printer doesn’t work properly when I upgraded from WinXP to Windows 7.
3407Does anyone know what causes the 2820vn to freeze when using a VoIP handset, NAS and Torrents at the same time?
3370How can I Configure my Vigor Router in “Bridged Mode”?
3366How do I telnet into Vigor router?
3361How do I configure LPR printing on Linux boxes?
3356How to install Smart VPN on Windows 7
3352How to Perform a Factory Reset on Vigor3300V Router When Login Password Unknown
3577Passive FTP question
3575V2820 FTP RMD Fails
3573WOL Feature in Vigor2830
3475I cannot play the game Half Life online. What can I do?
3443Blocking Port 5060 from Internet Except for One Incoming IP Address
3588Why don’t Draytek routers support MTU1500 for PPPoA?
3585My router cannot update the new IP on DDNS, I always get a message “Send HTTP request error” on View Log
3620How to capture ATM statistics with timestamps
3618Vigor 3300 VPN Issue
3595I do not know what VPI/VCI, Encapsulation Type, protocol is. How can I configure DrayTek Vigor?
3592MINSNRM on Vigor2820 Router
3638How do I set up Vigor Router to use iChat?
3636How do I set up Vigor Router to use Netmeeting?
36833G Wireless Failover Time Delay
3676How do I add DNS SUFFIX on WAN interface?
3665Are Older DrayTek Routers Upgradable to ADSL2/2+?
3741How to Enable and Disable http access on port 443 on Vigor2950 with SSL VPN Feature
3837ADSL Speed Versus Distance
3835What are the ADSL Settings?
3832My 2800 series Router will not connect to ISP. I Have ADSL1
3823How to set up Vigor Router to use MSN Messenger or Windows Messenger
3757How do I change the MTU size of the router?
3667Cannot attach or send attachments through my Gmail account when using Vigor2700 router
3859How to Re-enable Access to the Vigor3300 Management Interface if Accidently Disabled
3842UDP session timing out
3896How can I eliminate the pause before the Vigor places the VOIP Call?
3927Unable to Play Online Game – “Call of Duty/Modern Warfare”
3960Restoring the Vigor3300 router to factory Default Settings When Unable to use WEB GUI
3957Scheduling Automatic Reboot of Vigor3300
4069Timeout Error Message when attempting to Upgrade Firmware on Vigor Router
4062Troubleshooting 3G Network Connections
4080Abnormal Firmware Conditions
4104I am now moving to Australia and want to know if my overseas sourced DrayTek router can be used in Australia
4169I’ve looked in the FAQ and tried everything that seems relevant … but I still have a problem. What should I do next?
4163Can I use the Email Detection function with my Gmail account?
4159Can I use the Email Detection function with my hotmail account?
4143Vigor3300 WAN and DMZ ports
4128How can I get the Console Log from a Vigor 3300?
4127Internet connection using PPPoA (in New Zealand) with Vigor3300/V
4186How do I enable remote management for Draytek Australia Support to analyse settings on my router?
4255I can receive VoIP calls, but can’t call out
4211I cannot send or receive email through my ISP’s email account, but webmail and other email accounts work OK.
4206Is it possible to get a replacement power adaptor for my Vigor router?
4199I can’t remember my DrayTek device’s username and/or password. How can I find out what it is set to?
4191How can I capture screenshots of router pages for Draytek Support analysis?
4190I am experiencing line sync issues. What information do I need to send to Draytek Support?
4261Why am I experiencing very bad voice quality on VoIP?
4259My VoIP calls cut off after a short time.
4257Since I started using VoIP my Draytek router is logging multiple DoS attacks?
4253Sometimes I can make VoIP calls, but sometimes I cannot.
4249How to provide VoIP log to DrayTek engineers
4244What are some common mistakes when setting up VoIP account(s) on Vigor routers?
4284What is meant by “Expiry Time”? I don’t want my VoIP calls to expire!
446612 tips for improving your wireless network
4464What are the limitations of the USB Printer Port?
4462How do I access the Print Server functionality?
4449How do I configure optimal DoS Defense settings to eliminate “skips” and “jitters” in VoIP conversations?
4438Help! I cannot seem to add file attachments to certain webpages, such as Hotmail Email or Draytek Australia Helpdesk system!
4400My LAN-to-LAN VPN connects, but no data seems to be going through it
4372How to forward incoming call to FXS port 2 while FXS port 1 is busy?
4370How can I disable the G.729A/B codec (or any other specific codec)?
4367Why is the CODEC used for a call not the one I select in Vigor VoIP configuration?
4363How can I disable the call waiting function for 2100V/2500V?
4362Sometimes when I am on a call there is a beeping noise which is so loud that I cannot hear the other party.
4318I just bought a Vigor Router and I can’t connect to the Internet. What should I do?
4523How can I use a DrayTek Broadband Router with an Optus-supplied DSL-302G modem?
4519Once my BigPond Cable connection is down, it can take from minutes to hours to re-establish.
4513What is the call bumping issue?
4512What is Call Bumping, and how do I use it?
4507My wireless utility doesn’t support WPA. How can I use WPA?
4505Can I use WPA with a Windows 2000 PC?
4503Utilities for troubleshooting Wireless LAN
4501My laptop associates to the access point, but DHCP fails to give an address. DHCP is working fine for all physically connected devices.
4496My laptop does not automatically reconnect to my WLAN after it resumes
4494My laptop or PC cannot connect by wireless to my router
4492My PC connects to the AP, however it doesn’t send or receive any packets once it has been authenticated
4631My ISP says they don’t support DrayTek modem/routers, and won’t help.
4618How is my internet being used when I’m not there?
4603I can’t connect to ADSL
4601I have a Vigor 2700 or 2800 … which firmware should I be using, there are several available that I see
4598My modem/router doesn’t see the internet connection. ADSL Status is red. What can i do?
4594Can I use my DrayTek modem/router on an ADSL2/2+ connection?
4592Will my ADSL1 modem work on my ADSL2/2+ line?
4589What do the SNR and Loop Att. values indicate?
4587How far is my house from my exchange? What ADSL2/2+ speed am I likely to get?
4585When I first was connected up to ADSL2+ I was able to sync at speeds around 17Mbit. Over time this has consistently dropped and I have now reached an all time low of about 10 Mbit.
4584ADSL2/2+ Tips and hints
4578How to test my ADSL2/2+ connection? How can I know if I have a good connection?
4577How to do an Isolation test
4644Can you help with other problems?
3685How do I upgrade the firmware on my Vigor router?
4097Would you be able to install the system for us as I don’t know how to do it myself?
4170Vigor troubleshooting guide
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