Vigor routers with Wireless LAN capability will by default have the wireless facility enabled. Therefore, as soon as you switch the router on and connect it to the Internet, it becomes available to any PC or other device within range. This makes it easy to use, but it also allows anybody to also use your Internet connection without your knowledge. This could be your neighbour or a person in a car parked nearby.

It is recommended to enable some form of security to protect your wireless network. Vigor wireless routers have a number of security features that can be enabled. These are:

1. Hide SSID

This will hide the name you have assigned for your wireless network (SSID). Users will have to know the SSID before they can connect to your network. This will make it more difficult for unauthorised users to connect to your network. This setting is made in “Wireless LAN>>General Setup” configuration menu. Your PC will have to be manually configured for the SSID before it can connect to the wireless network.

2. Enable Security

By default security is disabled. To enable this feature, select one of the available modes. Available on all current router models are WEP, WPA/PSK, WPA2/PSK or mixed(WPA+WPA2)PSK. The Vigor2820Vn router also has support for 802.1x as shown below:

2820Vn Security Modes:

WPA requires a Pre-Shared Key(PSK) which is a  8~63 ASCII character or 64 Hexadecimal digits leading by “0x”, for example “cfgs01a2…” or “0x655abcd….”.

WEP Encryption mode can be either 64 bits or 128 bits

For 64 bit WEP key
Type 5 ASCII character or 10 Hexadecimal digits leading by “0x”, for example “AB312” or “0x4142333132”.

For 128 bit WEP key
Type 13 ASCII character or 26 Hexadecimal digits leading by “0x”, for example “0123456789abc” or “0x30313233343536373839414243”.

Using WEP or WPA/TKIP encryption means your wireless data is encrypted. WPA/TKIP is the newer system and is much more secure than WEP.

3.  Access Control

This will allow you to use MAC Address Locking to control who will have access to your wireless network. Each wireless PC will have a unique hardware address (MAC) for it network adapter. On the router you enter this address into the “MAC Address Filter” in the “Wireless LAN>>Access Control” configuration menu.

You can use the “Wireless LAN>>Station List” to select those computers already connected to the wireless network to add to the MAC Address Filter.

Once this feature is enabled then only those PCs entered into MAC Address filter will be allowed to connect to the wireless network.

If the computer is currently not connected then you will need to determine its MAC address. For windows computers, open a command prompt and type ‘ipconfig /all’ to find its MAC address which will usually be termed “Physical Address”.

Wireless Computers added to the Access List: