This guide will help you to configure the AP800 using Universal Repeater mode to extend the wireless LAN.

Step 1: Configure Wireless on Vigor2130n/Vn

As shown in the diagram above, Go to Wireless LAN>>General Setup configuration menu in the Vigor2130 and configure the wireless settings.

  • Configure SSID – Here we call the SSID “2130-LAN”
  • Select wireless security encryption mode – We have selected “WPS-PSK”
  • Enter Encryption details

Click on [OK] to save the settings.


Step 2: Configure VigorAP 800

2.1 Set VigorAP 800 to Universal Repeater Mode

Go to Operation Mode configuration menu and select Universal Repeater as the mode of operation.

2.2 Select Wireless Device for Wireless Repeater

Go to Wireless LAN>>Access Point Discovery and click [Scan] to scan for wireless access points. Once the list appears select the required SSID that you wish to attach to. Here we selected “2130-LAN” which is the SSID we configured in the Vigor2130n router.

Next, click on [Select] to use this SSID for Universal Repeater mode.

2.3 Configure Wireless Repeater Security Settings

Enter Wireless security settings to match the settings in the Vigor2130n/Vn router.

Step 3: Check that the Wireless Link has been Established

3.1 Check that the VigorAP 800 appears in the station list in the Vigor2130n/Vn

In the Vigor2130n/Vn router, go to Wireless LAN>>Station List menu and check that the VigorAP 800 appears in the list as shown below.

3.2 Check the VigorAP 800 Online Status Page

In the VigorAP 800 online status page you should see the Universal Repeater Status as shown in the diagram below

3.3 Test the Wireless Link

Here you can run a ping test from attached devices at either side of the wireless link to check that data is going through

Step 4: Configure AP800 Wireless and Security settings.

Configure SSID and Wireless security settings on the AP800 to match the settings in Vigor 2130 router.