DrayTek Vigor Access Points provide a web-based management user interface which can be opened by entering the VigorAP’s IP address into the address bar. The default IP address is, but since it also has DHP client enabled it will obtain a different IP address when connected to a network having a DHCP server.
In this article we will go through two different methods to log into Vigor Access Point management page.

Method 1: Without a Router (no DHCP Server)

By default, the DHCP server is disabled in the access point so you will need to manually configure the PC to have a static IP address in the same subnet as the Access Point LAN IP address.

Step 1: Connect the PC directly to Vigor AP’s LAN port.


Step 2: Configure the PC’s network adapter to have a fixed IP address that is in the same subnet of VigorAP, e.g.,


Step 3: Open a browser and enter in the address bar, then you should reach the AP’s management page. The default username and password are both admin for most of the models, except VigorAP 700. The default username and password of VigorAP 700 is admin and (leave blank).


Method 2: With a Router (DHCP server)

With this method the DHCP server in the router will allocate an IP address for the access point (By default the DHCP client is enabled in the access point).  The IP address allocated will usually be different to the default IP address depending on the DHCP settings in the router.

Step 1: Connect both the VigorAP and the PC to the router.


Step 2: Find the IP address allocated to the VigorAP.

You can do this by checking the VigorAP’s MAC address from the ARP cache table in the router. For Vigor Routers, the ARP table can be found at “Diagnostics >> ARP Cache Table” menu.


Alternative Method – Use External Device Auto Discovery

For Vigor Routers, check the External Device: Go to “External Device >> External Device Auto Discovery” menu. Then the VigorAP on the network and its IP address will be displayed.

Step 3: Open a browser and enter VigorAP’s IP in the address bar, and you should access the AP’s management page.  For most of the models, the default username and password are both “admin”; while VigorAP 700 can be logged in by enter username as “admin”, and leave password blank.



Method 3: Using Router Central AP Management Function

On later model routers that have the Central AP Management feature, you can see the Access Point IP address in the “Central Management >> AP >> Status” menu.

Clicking on the IP address link will take you to the Access Point login page.