The Vigor2820 router only supports one IP subnet and has no user management facility but we can still isolate guest Wi-Fi users from the main network but still allow the access to the Internet.

Step 1 – Create Guest VLAN

Go to LAN>>VLAN Configuration menu. Assign all the LAN ports and Wi-Fi SSID to VLAN0 except for SSID2 which will be assigned to VLAN1.

Users on VLAN1 will not be able to access any services on VLAN0 but can still access the Internet.

Step 2 – Create Guest Wi-Fi Network

Go to Wireless LAN>>General Setup configuration menu. Enable SSID2 and give it a name. Also select “Isolate Member” and “Isolate VPN”. This will prevent guest Wi-Fi users from accessing other Wi-Fi users or VPN facilities.

To make the guest Wi-Fi network more secure, it is recommended to enable Wireless LAN security. Go to Wireless LAN>>Security Settings. Select SSID2 and select desired security option