Multiple SSIDs are supported in the Vigor2700G, Vigor2710n, Vigor2820n and Vigor2930n series routers. They each support 4 SSIDs. This provides 4 different virtual wireless LANs (WLAN) which can be used to provide different levels of security.

The SSID is the name given to each virtual WLAN. Each SSID can also be configured with its own security settings

There are various levels of access control for each SSID. These are configured in “Wireless LAN>>General Setup” configuration page. The parameters that can be enabled here are:

  • Hide SSID: This prevents the SSID from being scanned. It will make it more difficult for unauthorised persons to access the wireless network.
  • Isolate Member: This prevents wireless stations having the same SSID being able to access each other. This will stop Peer to Peer applications between wireless clients consuming bandwidth on the WLAN.
  • Isolate LAN: This will stop wireless clients having the same SSID from accessing wired PCs or Servers on the wired LAN.
  • Rate Control: This allows you to set a limit on the amount of traffic each SSID can generate in the WLAN to prevent a particular group from consuming all the WLAN bandwidth.

In our example below we have set up 4 SSIDs. These are:

  • Visitors – able to only access the Internet and cannot directly access other computers or servers in the LAN. They are also rate limited.
  • Students – cannot communicate with other wireless clients, but can access PCs or Servers on the LAN. They are also rate limited.
  • Staff – have no restrictions
  • Admin – have no restrictions but the SSID is hidden

The next step is to set up configure WLAN security for each SSID. This is done in “Wireless LAN>>Security Settings” configuration menu.


The Vigor2820 router has 802.1x as an additional security option to be used in conjunction with a Radius server.

The Visitors in SSID1 can be configured with no security enabled.

Other SSIDs can have a different level of security enabled. For example Students need to use 802.1x and be authenticated by a Radius Server before they can access the WLAN.