Some customers may lose Wi-Fi access in the Vigor Wi-Fi routers and access points due to the WLAN ON/OFF/WPS switch on the side of the router or access point being accidentally pressed.  To overcome this DrayTek have added a feature in routers and Accsss Points to disable this button.

This feature is available in the Vigor2760, Vigor2860, Vigor2925 routers and to the VigorAP 900 and VigorAP 902 access points running the latest firmware.

DrayTek Vigor Routers

Telnet to the router and run the command “wl btnctl”

Syntax is

wl btnctl [value] (Disable: 0, Enable:1)”

For example to disable the WLAN ON/OFF/WPS button, use the command:

wl btnctl 0

To check the current status, run the command:

“wl btnctl [value] (Disable: 0, Enable:1)”

Current wireless button control is on

Vigor AP 900 and VigorAP 902

Go to “System Maintenance>> Management>>Wi-Fi Hardware Button Setup” menu and select Disable from the pull down menu.