This video shows you how to configure the DrayTek VigorAP 800 wireless access point as a wireless repeater to extend the Wi-Fi network. In the example shown a VigorAP 800 is configured in universal repeater mode iand will extend the Vigor2860n wireless network.

This application note shows how to use the universal repeater mode on the VigorAP 800 access point with distinct SSID to extend the wireless signal.

In this example the VigorAP 800 is connected to Vigor2860. The Vigor AP800 is configured to use universal repeater mode.

Step 1:  Configuring Vigor2860

1). Login to Vigor2860: Open your web browser and enter IP address of router. Default IP is


2). Go to LAN >> General Setup and ensure that DHCP server is enabled.


3). Go to Online status >> Physical Connection and check at least one WAN interface is up. This allows us to check internet access later, once all devices are configured.


4). Go to Wireless LAN >> General Setup >> Enable Wireless LAN, select mode, set channel, Enter the required SSID and click OK.


Go to Wireless LAN >> Security. Keep mode as default: mixed (WPA + WPA2)/ PSK, enter preshared key and click OK.


Step 2: Configuring AP800

1). Login to the VigorAP 800: Connect your computer to the VigorAP 800 and login. You need to configure a static IP address into your computer to access AP as DHCP server is disabled by default.


2). Go to Operation Mode and select Universal Repeater and Click OK.


3). Go to LAN >> General Setup. You can set static IP for VigorAP 800 here and ensure that DHCP is turned off so that all IP addresses will only be assigned by Vigor2860 router.


4). Go to Wireless LAN >> General Setup. Select “Enable Wireless LAN” option.  Deselect “Enable 2 Subnet”.  Enter required SSID, select a channel and click OK.


Go to Wireless LAN >> Security. Select required Mode and enter the pass phrase. This will be the password for Wi-Fi devices to connect to access point. Click OK


5). Now go to AP Discovery, and click on Scan. Choose SSID for Vigor2860 and click Select


6). Now window will pop up where we can enter universal repeater parameters

Select security mode, encryption Type and enter Pass Phrase of Vigor2860 >> Click Ok

Access point is configured now


Step 3: Testing

Connect your Wi-Fi device using the SSID of the VigorAP 800 to verify that universal repeater connection is up.

Once Wi-Fi is connected test the internet connection from your Wi-Fi device.