Set the wireless settings for the 2700vg

Select Channel 6.


Select WPA/PSK on Mode and enter the  Pre-shared Key (PSK) then click OK


AP800 setting

1. Select Universal repeater as Operation Mode

2. Set your Wireless LAN setting for the AP800. Select channel 6 and extension channel 2.

3. Set the security for the AP800. Select WPA/PSK on mode then enter a Pre-shared Key then click Ok.

4. Now go to AP Discovery then click scan.

5. Tick the SSID of the 2700vg then click select

6. Now go to Wireless LAN>> Universal Repeater then make sure that the channel is the same as the one you selected in the 2700vg router (which is channel 6). The Security must be the same as the one you selected on the 2700vg then enter the Pre-shared Key you entered on the 2700vg on the click OK.

7. You can check if the AP800 is connected on  the AP800’s Online Status and check the Universal repeaters status. You know it is connected if the text is green and it has an IP address and gateway.

8. You can also check if the AP800 is connected to the 2700vg by going to the 2700’s Wireless LAN>>Station List and check if the status is P.