Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) simplifies the process of configuring security on wireless networks. It provides an easy procedure to make secure wireless network connections between wireless PCs and the wireless access point (Vigor router). It uses WPA or WPA2 encryption.

This method will allow you to easily setup a secure wireless connection. You do not need to worry about the encryption mode or type a long encryption passphrase to setup a wireless connection. You only need to press a button on your wireless PC, and then WPS will automatically establish a secure connection between your PC and the wireless router.

Vigor routers that support WPS use two methods to set up a wireless connection using WPS. These are:

  1. PIN Method. To use PIN method, you have to know the PIN code specified in the wireless client of your PC. This pin code is entered into Wireless LAN >> WPS configuration menu of the Vigor router
  2. PBC Method.  You just need to push a button, either an actual or virtual one on your PC. The Vigor router also needs to be is switched to WPS mode (by pressing WPS button).

Vigor routers supporting WPS are the 2710 series and 2810 series