Step 1

To access the USB storage device from the internet by using FTP, you will need to enable remote management, and enable the FTP Server.

Enter the IP address of the remote computer in “System Maintenance>> Management>>Access List” setup to restrict access for certain users from specific locations.


Step 2

Go to “USB Application>>USB General settings” and enter the number of simultaneous FTP connections allowed.

Step 3

Go to “USB Application>>USB Management” and select the first available index and enter the username and password for the FTP user. Also enter the home folder to be accessed by FTP. In our example we have set up the username test with a home folder /public

Below is a sample file explorer in the Vigor router showing the USB file folder.

Step 4

Login to the Vigor router via FTP using the username / password for the FTP users created in ‘USB User Management’. The user will be connected to the home folder specified for the user.

Logging in as admin will only connect you to the router firmware area.