Internet Connections

7000Configuring DrayTek Router to Use BulkSMS for SMS Alerts
6975Calendar Events from DrayTek HQ
6899What happens when Internet is working but many web sites cannot be accessed.
6740VPN Remote Dial-In 2FA SMS Code
6591How to solve Starlink connection dropping intermittently and only a reboot will restore the connection to the internet
6546Using STARLINK Internet with DrayTek Vigor Routers
6516Setting up STARLINK with Vigor2135ax
3241Setting up Port Redirection using WAN IP Alias
6332Slow Connections to Australian ATO Website
6298How to enable SNMP in DrayTek Vigor130
6219How to Configure the DrayTek Vigor2865 LTE router for WAN Failover
6214How to Set up a DrayTek Vigor2620Ln in VDSL Bridge Mode
6201How to Configure the DrayTek Vigor167 for Bridge Mode-short Video
6186How to Configure the DrayTek Vigor167 for PPPoE
5519NBN VDSL2 Connection Update
6035Configuring the DrayTek Vigor167 for Bridge Mode- Application notes
5921How to configure Vigor2620Ln for VDSL bridge mode
5923How to setup WAN 1 as primary and LTE failover (Vigor2865L Series)
5823Configuring the Vigor2865L / 2866L and Vigor2927L for LTE Internet access
5633How to Bridge Virtual WAN on DrayOS?
5596How to Configure IPv6 on WAN interface?
5403How to setup DSL (VDSL/ADSL) bridge mode on Vigor2860
5392How to setup WAN2 primary and LTE failover (VigorLTE 200)
5353How to Enable Ethernet WAN port on Vigor2620L Series Routers
5113Configuring the Vigor2862L and Vigor2926L for LTE internet access
4935Configuring VigorLTE 200 Series Router for 4G LTE Connection
4923Configuring Vigor2620 LTE Series Router for 4G LTE Connection
4295Configuring the Vigor120 Router for Bridge Mode
3660Adding LTE Connection to a Broadband Router using VigorLTE 200 or Vigor2620L in LTE Bridged Mode
3435Transitioning Phone Services to the NBN
2970How to Turn Off Auto Failover
2757Testing the Vigor2850Vn Router with IPv6
2686Configuring Transparent Mode in VigorPro5510
2516Configuring the Vigor2820 for Dialup Backup Connection
2514Configuring Vigor2820 to use MTU size of 1500 for PPPoA
2410How to configure the 2830 to Failover from WAN1 to WAN2 then WAN2 to WAN3
2397Vigor2830 WAN Failover Configuration
1984Video – Configuring BigPond 3G with Vigor 2820 router
1945Vigor2960 Series Bigpond 3G Setup
1875Video – Configuring ADSL connection in DrayTek Routers
1849Configuring Vigor2760 Delight for Ethernet WAN Connection
1810How to Connect a DrayTek Vigor2925 router to DODO NBN
1798Configuring Vigor2760 Delight for DoDo NBN Connection
1786Configuring Vigor2760 Delight for iiNet NBN Connection
1779How to Connect a DrayTek Vigor300B router to DODO NBN
1771How to Connect a DrayTek Vigor2860 router to DODO NBN
1763How to Connect a DrayTek Vigor2912 router to DODO NBN
1680Vigor2860 / 2925 4G Configuration
1646Configure Vigor2760 for 4G Modem
1615Vigor2960 / 3900 / 300B 4G Configuration
1605How to Connect a DrayTek Vigor2860 router to AAPT NBN
1599Video – How to Connect a DrayTek Vigor2925 Router to DoDo NBN
1578Connecting Vigor2912 to 4G USB modems
1564Video – How to Configure the DrayTek Vigor2760 Delight Router for Ethernet WAN
1533Video – Connecting a DrayTek Vigor Router to the Internet via ADSL
1495Video – How to Configure the DrayTek Vigor2860 and Vigor2925 Routers for 4G USB WAN Connections
1437Webinar – WAN Connectivity Options
1435Webinar – Latest Cost Effective NBN Ready Broadband VPN Firewall Router Solution
1409Unable to Access Some Web Sites
1269New Firmware with WAN Aggregation Feature
1242Configure 4G Netgear 320U on Draytek Vigor 2830
1216Connecting Vigor2760 to Exetel VDSL2 (PPPoE)
1210How to Connect DrayTek Vigor router to VDSL2 connection on NBN network
1154Configuring Vigor2860 for TPG VDSL2 NBN Connection
1054New Router in Bridge mode Unable to Obtain IP Address from iiNet Network
1049Video – How to set up a wireless WAN
1010Configuring the Vigor2860L and Vigor2925L for LTE Internet access
1006Video – Configuring the Vigor2860L and Vigor2925L for LTE Internet Access
976How to Connect a DrayTek Vigor2760 router to TPG NBN
966How to Connect a DrayTek Vigor2830 router to TPG NBN
956How to Connect a DrayTek Vigor2912 router to TPG NBN
946How to Connect a DrayTek Vigor2960 router to TPG NBN
934How to Connect a DrayTek Vigor3900 router to TPG NBN
923Configuring Vigor2760 for VDSL Bridge mode
918How to Enable WAN Aggregation on DrayTek Routers
906Video – Configuring the DrayTek Vigor2860 router for TPG NBN
900Troubleshooting LTE Connectivity Issues with DrayTek LTE Routers
891How to check if the DrayTek Vigor2860/2925 LTE Router Frequency Bands are supported on your Area
871Video – How to Configure the Vigor2860 Router for VDSL2 Connection on NBN Network
822How to Pass Second WAN IP address to another Router connected to Vigor2952 LAN
820Video – How to Configure the Vigor 2760 Router for NBN VDSL Network
797Video – How to Enable WAN Aggregation in DrayTek Routers
674Video – How to Configure the Vigor2760 for a 4G Modem
632Webinar – DrayTek and NBN in Australia
625How to Connect DrayTek Vigor2860 / Vigor2862 to VDSL2 connection on Optus NBN network
486TPG NBN HFC settings in Draytek Routers
336Connecting Vigor2120 to 4G USB modems
327How to Connect a DrayTek Vigor2120 router to DODO NBN
323Video – How to Configure the Vigor130 Router for VDSL2 NBN Network
320Video – How to Configure the Vigor130 Router for VDSL2 Bridge Mode
316Configuring Vigor130 for VDSL Bridge mode
309Configuring Vigor130 for NBN VDSL2 Connection-Telstra
267How to Connect DrayTek Vigor130 to VDSL2 connection on Optus NBN network
252How to Connect DrayTek Vigor130 to VDSL2 connection on NBN network
173Connecting DrayTek Broadband Routers to Optus Cable Service
88How to connect to Telstra NBN using Draytek 2860n series router
101Pairing the Vigor120 with a Time Capsule
90Configuring the Vigor120 Router for PPPoA/PPPoE Pass-through
54How to Connect a DrayTek Vigor2120 router to TPG NBN
52How to Connect a DrayTek Vigor300B router to TPG NBN
50How to Connect a DrayTek Vigor2925 router to TPG NBN
48How to Connect a DrayTek Vigor2860 Router to TPG NBN
45How to connect a DrayTek Vigor2830 for Telstra NBN
14Configuring Vigor130 for TPG VDSL NBN Connection
5800[Vigor3900] How to configure an IP Routing subnet (using the same LAN Ports)
5717How to use a Public IP address on a LAN
5725What is LAN IP Alias and how do you use it?
5642How DrayTek’s Wireless WAN feature can benefit your business
5649How to capture Syslogs for USB Modems in Vigor Routers
5576Which 3G 4G modems are compatible with Vigor Routers?
5567How To Send an SMS from the VigorLTE routers
5572How to set up the built-in 3G/4G/LTE WAN in the Vigor LTE Series
5560How to Configure 3G 4G WAN?
5556How To Command VigorLTE Router by SMS
5693What can I do If my 3G/4G/LTE modem is not working?
3050Can a LAN-to-LAN IPSec VPN Tunnel Work over 3G Network
3182How to Capture Windows PPP Logs
3165I Cannot Access the Internet, but I Can Access My Router Web Configuration Page
3294Setting Up PPPoE Authentication on your PC.
3277Why can’t my router be used with my cable modem?
3268Configuring Vigor2820 for ADSL connection
3370How can I Configure my Vigor Router in “Bridged Mode”?
3579How to configure Fetch TV on a 2820
3590PPPoE Passthrough Questions
3606Can I get ADSL?
3603Does the 2800 Support Annex-M and How do I Enable it?
3599How can I limit my ADSL line sync speed in my Vigor2800 router to a fixed value?
3595I do not know what VPI/VCI, Encapsulation Type, protocol is. How can I configure DrayTek Vigor?
3592MINSNRM on Vigor2820 Router
3650Getting Started
36833G Wireless Failover Time Delay
3676How do I add DNS SUFFIX on WAN interface?
3665Are Older DrayTek Routers Upgradable to ADSL2/2+?
3837ADSL Speed Versus Distance
3835What are the ADSL Settings?
3832My 2800 series Router will not connect to ISP. I Have ADSL1
3829ADSL2/2+ Features
3757How do I change the MTU size of the router?
3848How to Configure TCP Protocol Timeout Setting in the Vigor2820 router?
3898Configuring the Vigor2800 Router for MPoA Pass-through
3997Vigor2820 Series Bigpond 3G setup
3992How to determine the Signal Strength of the NextG Modem Connected to Vigor Router
4532How to setup Three/Hutchison 3G USB Modem with DrayTek Router?
4007How to setup Vodafone/Optus 3G USB Modem with DrayTek Router
4021Vigor2130 Series Bigpond 3G setup
4016Vigor2130 Series Optus 3G setup
4026How to setup BigPond 3G USB Modem with DrayTek Router
4043Vigor2110/2710 Series Bigpond/Telstra 3G setup
4050How to Setup BigPond or Telstra 3G with VigorFly200
4062Troubleshooting 3G Network Connections
5585Why 3G connection status does not show signal strength?
4136Where can I find information on how to configure WAN settings on my Vigor3300/V?
4127Internet connection using PPPoA (in New Zealand) with Vigor3300/V
3662Can I Connect Two (or more) Computers to the Internet?
4318I just bought a Vigor Router and I can’t connect to the Internet. What should I do?
4523How can I use a DrayTek Broadband Router with an Optus-supplied DSL-302G modem?
4521BigPond Cable Migration
4519Once my BigPond Cable connection is down, it can take from minutes to hours to re-establish.
4517Are DrayTek ISDN units available in Australia?
4513What is the call bumping issue?
4512What is Call Bumping, and how do I use it?
4631My ISP says they don’t support DrayTek modem/routers, and won’t help.
4620How to use the Dual/Multi-WAN (Vigor2910, Vigor2950, Vigor3300V)
4618How is my internet being used when I’m not there?
4616How to connect BigPond ADSL?
4614How to connect Optus ADSL?
4612How to connect ADSL ISPs via PPPoE
4608How to connect ADSL ISPs via PPPoA
4603I can’t connect to ADSL
4601I have a Vigor 2700 or 2800 … which firmware should I be using, there are several available that I see
4598My modem/router doesn’t see the internet connection. ADSL Status is red. What can i do?
4594Can I use my DrayTek modem/router on an ADSL2/2+ connection?
4592Will my ADSL1 modem work on my ADSL2/2+ line?
4589What do the SNR and Loop Att. values indicate?
4587How far is my house from my exchange? What ADSL2/2+ speed am I likely to get?
4585When I first was connected up to ADSL2+ I was able to sync at speeds around 17Mbit. Over time this has consistently dropped and I have now reached an all time low of about 10 Mbit.
4584ADSL2/2+ Tips and hints
4578How to test my ADSL2/2+ connection? How can I know if I have a good connection?
4577How to do an Isolation test
4554How to setup Telstra Turbo 3G Modem™ with DrayTek Router
4170Vigor troubleshooting guide
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