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2938What is APSD?
2828Using QoS Feature in Vigor2710 to set High Priority for External VoIP Service
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2778Transferring a Call Using a Cordless Panasonic Analogue Phone
2770What are the system and User prompts in the Vigor IPPBX
26702710 Caller ID not showing even after installing firmware
2657An Introduction to VoIP “DialPlan” Configuration
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2652How to configure the delay time before the VoIP number is dialled in Vigor Router
2650Internal SIP device (ex. Linksys ATA, Elastix box) behind Draytek router won’t register.
2647Is there anyway I can configure my DrayTek to operate as a wireless ATA?
2645Best VOIP settings for GOTALK
2143How to Switch Auto Attendant for Office and Non-Office Hours by using Extension
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19812820IPPBX IVR Configuration Menu
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1977How to Dial a Number That Includes “#” Character
1927How to Disable SIP ALG on Draytek Routers
1919How to enable and disable SIP ALG in linux based DrayTek Routers
1915How to Disable VOIP Service in Vigor2820Vn Router
1877How to Configure Vigor2830Vn so Incoming PSTN Calls Only Ring on Phone 1
1355Maximum Number of IP Phones Connected to DrayTek Vigor2860 Router
1287DrayTek IP PBX Configuration Tutorial
1285Video – Vigor IPPBX 2820 User Prompts
1283Video – VigorIPPBX 3510 – VoIP over VPN in application
1276Video – VigorIPPBX 2820 Auto Provisioning
1274Video – VigorIPPBX 2820 configuration – Register extensions
1119Setting up Voicemail in VigorBX 2000
878Configuring Simtex VOIP SIP Trunk in VigorBX 2000
720How to Grab an unattended incoming Call
2000Custom Trunk How to Increase the Number of Trunk – Registering FXO/ISDN-TE port of 3300V+ to the Custom Trunk in VigorIPPBX
2084Can I call between the two phone ports on a 2830 router?
3070What is SIP ALG?
3067What is “T.38 Fax relay” service?
3065Why can I not send more than one “#” key entry to VoIP phone on Vigor router?
3186An Introduction to SIP and debug logs
3184CLIR (hide caller ID) Not Working
3158Ways to Debug VoIP Issues
3156Answering machine not picking up VoIP calls
3151Call Barring Function
3144Changing Ring Pattern to Improve Caller ID Response Time
3140Distorted Voice Quality when using VOIP
3130DTMF Settings in Vigor Routers
3124How does the PSTN Pass-Through Work on Vigor Routers Supporting PSTN connection?
3116How to Configure VoIP on Vigor Router
3112How to Hide Caller ID in Vigor Routers
3105How to Install/Configure a Softphone
3098How to open UDP 5060 port to the internal SIP server behind Vigor VoIP routers
3093STUN Server VOIP Configuration on Vigor Router
3072VoIP “dsp debounce” Command
3492How to Use QoS Feature to set High Priority for Vigor Built-in VoIP Service
3862How Setup QoS for VoIP traffic on Vigor3300
3893How to Transfer Calls or Make Internal Calls between Two FXS ports on Vigor Routers?
3874How to Configure VoIP on Vigor3300V Router
3896How can I eliminate the pause before the Vigor places the VOIP Call?
3884Sample Configurations for VoIP
3953How to configure call forwarding
3951Can I call between the two phone ports (intercom facility)?
3929Configuring the Vigor2820 for FaktorTel VoIP Service
4124Can I use the Vigor3300V’s FXS and FXO ports as a PBX?
4117How can I configure Vigor3300V’s FXO ports as Trunk lines for an Asterisk or Trixbox PBX?
4255I can receive VoIP calls, but can’t call out
4261Why am I experiencing very bad voice quality on VoIP?
4259My VoIP calls cut off after a short time.
4257Since I started using VoIP my Draytek router is logging multiple DoS attacks?
4253Sometimes I can make VoIP calls, but sometimes I cannot.
4249How to provide VoIP log to DrayTek engineers
4247My company has VoIP for all staff, but at the moment only one PC can use the VoIP functionality.
4244What are some common mistakes when setting up VoIP account(s) on Vigor routers?
4237Why is there an echo on my VoIP calls? How can I remove it?
3080How do I setup QoS on an external VoIP device?
4282What are the differences in VoIP capabilities between Vigor models?
4278Does Vigor V model support softphone and extension? How many extensions are supported?
4276Can I attach my Cordless phone into the FXS port?
4274How much bandwidth does VoIP actually require?
4271What DTMF Mode should I use?
4268Can I choose between SIP accounts for external calls by using a prefix? E.g. prefix of 9 to use SIP account 1; prefix of 8 to use SIP account 2; etc.
4264How to configure a SIP Account
2658How to use the Digit Map
3932VoIP – Digit Map
4284What is meant by “Expiry Time”? I don’t want my VoIP calls to expire!
4286Can I use a Fax machine on VoIP?
4449How do I configure optimal DoS Defense settings to eliminate “skips” and “jitters” in VoIP conversations?
4387VoIP – How do I connect FXS to PSTN-PBX?
4380VoIP – How to enable Hotline function?
4372How to forward incoming call to FXS port 2 while FXS port 1 is busy?
4370How can I disable the G.729A/B codec (or any other specific codec)?
4367Why is the CODEC used for a call not the one I select in Vigor VoIP configuration?
4363How can I disable the call waiting function for 2100V/2500V?
4362Sometimes when I am on a call there is a beeping noise which is so loud that I cannot hear the other party.
4358How can my VoIP router do Call Forwarding?
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