It seems that the SMS Service Object compatibility with BulkSMS is not working anymore, as reported by a ZA customer.
Selecting from the list of providers the (INTL) and (ZA) options did not work.

The customer worked extensively with the BulkSMS technical team to troubleshoot the issue, and found the following workaround-

  1. Navigate to the SMS/Mail Alert Service:
    • Go to Applications > SMS/Mail Alert Service on the router.

  1. Set Up Custom 1 SMS Provider:
    • Connection Protocol: Select HTTPS.
    • Service Provider: Enter BulkSMS.
  2. Configure the URL String:
    • Use the following URL string:
    • Replace ZZZ with the username and password from your BulkSMS account created at BulkSMS.
    • Note: Ensure the username and password do not contain any special characters.
  3. Leave the Following Fields Blank:
    • Server Response: Leave blank.
    • Username: Leave blank (since the username is included in the URL string).
    • Password: Leave blank (since the password is included in the URL string).
  4. Set SMS Quota and Interval:
    • SMS Quota: Set this to the desired number of messages you want to allow.
    • SMS Interval: Set this to 0 for no interval between messages.
  5. Save the Configuration.


You’ll notice in the URL that BulkSMS’s “legacy” API is required for this, and it is not sure how long they will keep this legacy API active. So moving to be compatible with their new/current API is also preferable.

By following these steps, your router should be configured to send SMS alerts using BulkSMS as the service provider.


Posted by SC -29 May 2024