Some service providers require users to enable WAN traffic shaping on their routers to limit outgoing traffic to match the data rate that they have purchased.  For example, if the data plan is for a 50/50 Mbps Ethernet service, then any outgoing traffic exceeding 50Mbps will be dropped by the service provider. As a result of the outgoing data packets being dropped the user will notice that the actual data rates will be 50/20 (incoming/Outgoing) or similar.

In DrayTek routers, a solution for this is to use Quality of Service (QoS) settings to limit the outgoing traffic. To take into account burst traffic it is recommended to set the value for outgoing traffic rate at less than the data plan rate.  For example, for a 50/50 Ethernet service set the outgoing limit to be 48Mbps as shown below:

using QoS



or Using Bandwidth Limit



Edited March 2024 – HL