If you have encountered the ACS3 login page not loading see fig1 and 1 a.  below

try the troubleshooting tips given below:

Fig 1


Fig1 a



1:  If using LINUX

a: Check the storage size with the command ‘df -h.’ It could be caused by the storage being maxed out. Allocate more resources to the ACS3 server.

b: Navigate to ‘/usr/local/mariadb-10.X.X-linux-systemd-x86_64/data.’ Check the MariaDB error log. The error log file ends with a .err extension, as shown in the screenshot below.

c: If you come across error logs resembling the one below,

        2021-12-27 16:13:20 0 [ERROR] Could not open mysql.plugin table: “Unknown storage engine’Aria'”. Some plugins may be not loaded

       2021-12-27 16:13:20 0 [ERROR] Failed to initialize plugins.

       2021-12-27 16:13:20 0 [ERROR] Aborting

d:   Remove the 2 x  aria_log files located in the same folder and save them in a spare folder- say ” downloads  ” folder

e:   If the issue still persists, kindly provide the error log and server log to support@draytek.com.au.

The server log can be found in /usr/local/vigoracs/VigorACS/standalone/log.


2:   If using Windows

a: Check storage and allocate more resources if using a VM.

b: Check the  ERR file in c:/program Files / Mariadb/data-  ERR file- see sample in Fig2  below  – send us a copy of that ERR file


c: Then delete ( or cut and paste in a spare folder ) the 2 x aria.log files after checking for any errors in the ERR file as explained before .

       Fig 2


Please send the ERR file and the server log  file  to us for troubleshooting.

The server log in Windows is as below

    Fig 3

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