A common problem occurs when a new network administrator is appointed to look after a network but is not provided with the router admin password. Sometimes the previous network administrator has not recorded the password and has forgotten it. In this case, they need to be able to recover the password to the router to gain access.
Due to security issues, the router configuration file is encrypted, so it will be impossible to recover the password from the router configuration file.
You will need a current copy of the router configuration for this method.

First, reset the router to factory defaults by holding the button inside the reset hole using a pointed object for at least 5 seconds until the ACT LED flashes quickly.

Then log into the router on and go to the System Maintenance >> Configuration Backup menu.

In the Restore section, select the file to restore

Select the option “Restore configuration except the login password.”

Click the Restore button.
Note: This will work only if the selected configuration file is created from this device.


Once the router reboots, you can log in using the default username and password – admin/admin. It is recommended that you change the password after you log in.