This article will explain the naming rules of VigorSwitch.
The figure below is based on the VigorSwitch PQ2200xb as an example and represents the meaning of each digit.


The No.1&2 are VigorSwitch Port Specification

Draytek VigorSwitch products are categorized into different series:

 Series Name  Depiction
 G Series  All ports of Giga base
 P Series  PoE switch
 F Series  All of the fiber
 X Series  All ports of 10G
 Q Series  2.5G N-Base-T


The No.3 is Management type of the Switch
 Number  Represent
      1  Smart Lite & Web Smart
      2  Layer 2 & L2+
      3  Layer3



The No.4&5 are Port Numbers

20 means there are 20 LAN ports on Vigor Switch PQ2200xb


The No.6 is Serial Number

The 6th digit stands for serial number. In this example, 0 is the serial number of Vigor Switch PQ2200xb


The No.7 is Bandwidth Uplink

x indicates the bandwidth uplink of Vigor Switch PQ2200xb is 10G

 Character  Represent
 Empty  1G
     x  10G
     q  2.5G


The No.8 is PoE power budget

b means the PoE power budget of Vigor Switch PQ2200xb up to 90W (802.3bt)

 Character  Represent
 Empty  30W (802.3af/at)
     b  up to 90W (802.3bt)

    S       OpenFlow

For more examples, please refer below

    • 1G : G2280 / P2280
    • 2.5G/5G uplink : G2280q / G2280n / P2280n /P2280nb
    • 2.5G/5G : Q2280 / N1280 / PN2280 / PQ2280xb / N2280x / PN2280x / PN2280xb
    • 10G uplink : G2280x / P2280x / P2280xu / PQ2200xb
    • 10G all ports : F1060(all fiber) / X1280 / PX2280b