This article will explain the naming rules for DrayTek VigorSwitches.
The figure below is based on the VigorSwitch PQ2200xb as an example, and represents the meaning of each digit.


The No.1&2 are the VigorSwitch Port Specification

DrayTek VigorSwitch products are categorised into different series:

 Series Name  Depiction
 G Series  All ports of Giga base
 P Series  PoE switch
 F Series  All of the fiber
 X Series  All ports of 10G
 Q Series  2.5G N-Base-T


The No.3 is management type of the switch
 Number  Represent
      1  Smart Lite & Web Smart
      2  Layer 2 & L2+
      3  Layer3



The No.4&5 are Port Numbers

20 means there are 20 LAN ports on the VigorSwitch PQ2200xb


The No.6 is version Number

The 6th digit stands for version number. In this example, 0 is the version number of VigorSwitch PQ2200xb


The No.7 is Bandwidth Uplink

x indicates the bandwidth uplink of VigorSwitch PQ2200xb is 10G

 Character  Represent
 Empty  1G
     x  10G
     q  2.5G


The No.8 is the maximum PoE power per port

b means the VigorSwitch PQ2200xb has one or more ports that achieve up to 90W (802.3bt)

 Character  Represent
 Empty  30W (802.3af/at)
     b  up to 90W (802.3bt)

    S       OpenFlow

For more examples, please refer below:

    • 1G : G2280 / P2280
    • 2.5G/5G uplink : G2280q / G2280n / P2280n /P2280nb
    • 2.5G/5G : Q2280 / N1280 / PN2280 / PQ2280xb / N2280x / PN2280x / PN2280xb
    • 10G uplink : G2280x / P2280x / P2280xu / PQ2200xb
    • 10G all ports : F1060(all fiber) / X1280 / PX2280b