Two-factor authentication is a standard requirement for security access on the network.

Now, more organizations have implemented this, and DrayTek can send 2FA Verification codes through SMS to their users using LTE routers, particularly the Vigor2927 and Vigor2865/66.


  1. DrayTek LTE routers “Vigor2927L\Lac and Vigor2865\66L\Lac”
  2. SIM card that can send SMS messages
  3. Clients are required to install SmartVPN client on their devices.


First, create an SMS Service Object.

a.) Profile Name is Optus, as our sim card is from Optus.

b.) Service Provider select Local SMS Service (LTE).

c.) The SMS Quota default is 10.

  • I suggest setting the quota to a high value to ensure you don’t have to worry about SMS message limits. Keep in mind that this quota won’t reset monthly. 

d.) The sending Interval default is 0.

  • This can be used to limit the double SMS sending.. I would recommend at least set to 1.




Then, create a VPN remote dial-in profile.

For this VPN profile, we used the SSL protocol.

Then, make sure the Two-Factor authentication is enabled on the following settings below:

a.) Automation Code via SMS is enabled

b.) Next, tick Send 2FA Code via SMS when VPN is tick

c.) SMS Object Select the Optus profile

d.) Then, input the mobile number on which the Code will be sent.


When you connect to your VPN access through Smart VPN Client, a 2FA Verification will pop up, and as for the code.

The router sends an SMS with the code.

Once the code is entered, it will proceed to connect.


By Edward Eroy