Some clients have reported intermittent micro-disruptions with Starlink, and when the internet is restored there is no restoration of communication. A reboot of the router is necessary to get things working again. It is as if the WAN detection feature of the DrayTek router is not working properly.

After first ensuring that the router is running the latest firmware version, one solution is to change the WAN Connection Detection mode from ARP detect to Ping detect. See Fig1 below.

Fig1 – Use Ping detect for WAN  – Please do not specify a ping gateway because the WAN IP may change but not the gateway, and the ping will not detect a WAN change.



2:  Please deselect “Decline VRRP MAC”   – see fig 2 below



If these steps do not work for you, please capture WAN packets with Wireshark and send an email to

Edited by HL – 22-Feb- 2024