Starlink Internet is a satellite internet product, that uses a constellation of thousands of satellites that orbit the Earth, at about 550km.

This application note describes how to configure the Vigor2135ax router so that it can access the Internet via Starlink. The Vigor2135ax is a broadband router with a Gigabit Ethernet WAN interface.

Since the Starlink system is shipped as a wireless-only system, you will need to attach an Ethernet adapter to provide an Ethernet WAN interface for the DrayTek router. Follow the instruction sheet to connect the Ethernet adaptor to the Starlink modem.

To effectively use the Ethernet WAN connection from the Starlink system, it is recommended to bypass the Wi-Fi router function in the Starlink-supplied router. To do this, use the Starlink app to select BYPASS MODE as shown below.

Once the bypass mode has enabled, the router can obtain an IP address starting with 100.x.x.x, in the example below shows

The diagram below shows how the different components are interconnected.

Once Starlink is setup, connect the WAN port of the Vigor2135ax to the Starlink Ethernet adapter using a UTP cable.

Vigor2135ax Configuration Steps

  • Go to WAN >> Internet access,
  • Select Static or Dynamic IP as Access Mode.
  • Click on “Details”

  • Enable Static or Dynamic IP
  • Select “obtain an IP address automatically
  • Click “OK” to save the settings

  • Go to Online Status >> Physical connection to check WAN connection status