This example uses the Vigor2910 series router. It is similar for other Draytek Routers such as 2927 , 2865  etc…

Two public IP addresses will be entered to the WAN IP alias and then use Port Redirection to map these to the internal web servers that have a private IP address.

IP addresses assigned by the ISP are: and

We will redirect to our web server (


Step 1: Enter Public IP addresses – Note that the Wan IP must be online for this to work .

Go to WAN>>Internet Access configuration menu.

Click on WAN IP Alias radio button

Enter the assigned public IP addresses as shown in the diagram below:

Step 2: Configure Port Redirection

Go to NAT>>Port Redirection and click on the first available index.

In the next menu that appears enter the required details.

In the WAN IP pull down list select the required WAN IP Alias address. Here we have selected as shown in the diagram below:

Now we can access the internal web server from the Internet by using the IP address

For 2927 – see fig below

The Main WAN 1 IP address is  and must be online. It then appears with the aliases 1 & 2