There is a function of  LAN Port Mirror  provided by DrayTek Vigor series routers such as 2865  which can lead and direct the packets passing through LAN and WAN ports to specified LAN port. Meanwhile, it can offer full information to DrayTek Support staff for problem analysis in troubleshooting.


I. Terms Explanation

Miror Port:   The selected port ( Port 2 in this case ) is used to capture the packets using Wireshark .  Packets from WAN 1  ( in this example ) will be captured  on LAN port 2


* Loop (or round robin) might occur while monitoring WAN port. Please pay attention to the line connection.


II. Example

From the above figure, LAN2 is configured to monitor and capture the packets received in WAN 1 port and packets received/transmitted via LAN2 port. Therefore, the host connecting to LAN1 can receive the packets passing through LAN1, LAN2 and WAN ports by using the capturing packets software, e.g., Wireshark, OmniPeer and so on. Refer to the following figure:


If the host does not monitor packets passing through WAN port, only the packets transmitted from LAN1 and LAN2 will be seen. Refer to the following figure: