In this 9 part webinar series we explore VigorACS 3 to help successfully install and configure various components of it to allow you to easily manage your customer networks.

Part 1 – DrayTek VigorACS 3 Network Management Solution. Looks at what ACS 3 is, how it works, its key features and how to install it.

Part 2 – Adding Devices & Creating Networks.

Part 3 – User Management. Looks at which features each level of user can access, plus some other features such as the OOBE (out of the box experience) for new users logging in.

Part 4 – Device Monitoring and Reporting. Explores ACS 3’s device monitoring capabilities and how to generate reports.

Part 5 – Auto VPN and VPN monitoring. Demonstrates ACS 3’s auto VPN feature as well as SD-WAN Hub & Spoke and Mesh VPNs.

Part 6 – Provisioning of CPE Devices. Includes creating configuration profiles using TR-069 parameters that can then be applied to numerous CPE devices, as well as upgrading firmware remotely.

Part 7 – Maintenance Tasks. Includes backing up and restoring configs, scheduling firmware upgrades, resetting passwords, as well as ACS 3’s built-in file manager.

Part 8 – System Functions. Looks at a variety of topics under the System menu available to a system administrator, including changing system parameters, adding other languages, clearing logs, adding an API key for Google Maps and Google Analytics, adding certificates, backing up the database, changing the login screen, and more.

Part 9 – SD-WAN. An overview of the SD-WAN features included in ACS 3.