This is a 24 min video on how to change all the system settings in Vigor ACS 3.

You just need to fast forward to any topic you’d like to browse, or click on the timestamps below to open on YouTube in a new tab at that chapter.

0:28 System menu overview
0:49 System Parameter menu
4:03 Language menu
5:24 External Monitoring Server menu
6:16 Access Control menu
7:03 Clear Logs menu
7:54 Upload Serial Number menu
8:30 Google API Key menu
9:01 Certificate menu
12:11 Backup Database menu
13:28 Login Bulletin menu
14:49 Adverts Carousel menu
15:56 Logs menu
16:43 XMPP Profile menu
17:05 Delete Logs Actions menu
17:27 Server Support Settings menu
18:01 Summary 

Click here for full video: