Released Date: 2022-08-04

In April 2022, we became aware of a possible exploit affecting some of our products that was identified during testing and reported to us*. We are not aware of any exploits of this in the wild and started to release firmware updates in May 2022.

Our standard best practice recommendation is to always keep firmware up to date, but we recommend that you check that affected units are running at least the firmware version in the table below. If the model is not listed, then it is not affected by this vulnerability. To protect users until all firmware versions were available and to give time for upgrades no other information about the issue was released originally. The vulnerability has now been announced under CVE-2022-32548 and is related to a possible exploit of the router’s Web UI login page.

If you have not already upgraded, update your firmware immediately. Before doing the upgrade, take a backup of your current config in case you need to restore it later (system maintenance -> Config Backup). Do use the .ALL file to upgrade, otherwise you will wipe your router settings. If you are upgrading from a much older firmware then please check the release notes carefully for any upgrading instructions.
If you have remote access enabled on your router, disable it if you don’t need it, and use an access control list and 2FA if possible. If your unit is not already running patched firmware (see table below), disable remote access (admin) and SSL VPN. The ACL does not apply to SSL VPN connections (Port 443) so you should also temporarily disable SSL VPN until you have updated the firmware.
DrayTek new firmwares with security updates for this vulnerability are shown as follows.


*Thank you for Trellix Threat Labs Vulnerability Research team for their testing and prompt reporting.

Click here for details about the vulnerability

Edited by HLiu- 15 aug 2022