When you have a CPE device behind NAT that is being managed by VigorACS 3, you may need to access its web interface it directly from within VigorACS 3.  Normally you will not be able to Access the CPE behind NAT.

This application note covers the configuration steps to allow you to access the CPE device through a remote connection to the VigorACS 3 server. We will use the network topology shown below in the configuration example.

Step 1: Configure HTTPS Port to be used in VigorACS 3

  1. Go to the Network Management menu by clicking on the icon on the left-hand side
  2. Select the CPE (We selected the AP 1060C)
  3. Select HTTPS
  4. Click on Edit
  5. Enter the new port number (It has to be different to the port number for the Internet facing Router (Vigr2927ac)
  6. Click on Save.

The setting will be saved and it will also update the management HTTPS port on the CPE device which should now be 1060.


Step 2: Set up Port Redirection in the Router

Create a Port Redirection profile in the router.

The public Port and Private port will need to be the same and must match the HTTPS port used for the attached CPE client.  We used HTTPS port 1060 in our example.

This is how it looks like on the router 2927.

Now in the Dashboard click on the CPE IP address and it will take you to the CPE login page. The IP address will have the HTTPS port number we configured earlier.