Vigor167 [FW v5.1.1]

Vigor2927 [FW v4.4.0]

Connect Vigor167 LAN port 1 to the Vigor2927 WAN port 1 and Vigor167 LAN port 2 to Vigor2927 LAN port 5

First set the Vigor167 to Modem Mode [Bridge Mode]:

Then assign a static IP address to the Vigor167 to as the Vigor2927 IP address is

Now a PC on the LAN can access the Vigor167 and Vigor2927

Accessing from the Internet on a remote PC.

Create a Port Redirection on the Vigor2927 so the Vigor167 is visible from the internet.

Then set a Static Route with the IP address of the remote computer from the internet so the Vigor167 can send traffic. This is an extra security allowing certain IP address to access.

Now the Vigor167 can be accessed from the internet WAN.

Registering ACS3 in Bridge Mode Vigor167

Add static route IP address of the ACS3 server 60.240.x.x

Configure the TR-069

The Vigor167 appears on the ACS3 as registered