By default remote access from the Internet to the router is disabled.

Vigor Router
To allow remote access from the Internet, go to System Maintenance>>Management configuration menu page as shown below:

and send the WAN IP address and admin credentials of the router to the person needing remote access.

The WAN IP can be found in ONLINE status>>Physical connection



Select Allow management from the Internet and also select type of access required.
For additional security, you can add the IP addresses of only those PC’s you wish to give rights to manage the router.

These are added to the Access List. Note that once an IP is added to that Access list then all other Public IP are blocked

except those indicated on the access list. This list can also apply to those devices that can ping the router too – see arrow below











For more security it is also strongly recommended to use only Https for remote management and also to change the default Https port

from 443 to  say 4343 – see below.

Moreover – Enable Validation code  and Disabling Ping from the internet are also easy security measures to add.


edited by HL