This article demonstrates how to set up 2-Step Authentication for the router’s remote access, and add a layer of security to the router.

When 2-Step Authentication is enabled, the Internet user will not only need the administrator password but also the Auth-Code sent to the specific phone number or email address, to log into the router’s management page.

Note: 2-Step Authentication only supports login from WAN interfaces, does not support admin accounts login on LAN.

1.) To send the Auth-Code via Mail, create a Mail server profile at Objects Setting >> SMS / Mail Service Object >> Mail Server page



On the Gmail account enable the Less secure app access settings.

Please note that Less secure is not available if the two-factor authentication is enabled.

2.) At System Maintenance >> Administrator Password Setup page,

Enable “Use only advanced authentication method for Admin “WAN” login”

Choose 2-Step Authentication
Select Mail Profile to receive the authentication code

Click OK to save


This is what you received in your mailbox for the authentication code.