This guide will show you how to configure Vigor2620Ln for VDSL bridge mode. The bridge mode provides the direct connection between the DSL connection and the Ethernet. The connected device including router or PC will obtain an IP address directly from the Internet (Your ISP). Once the bridge mode is enabled, the router will work as a bridge modem and the incoming packets with VLan tags will pass it through to the next router/device.



Step 1: Configure the router to bridge mode

1.1 Setup WAN1 to as bridge mode

  • Go to (WAN >> Internet Access) configuration menu.
  • Select MPoA/Static or Dynamic IP for WAN1 access mode to configure the modem to bridge mode.
  • Click on Details Page to configure WAN1 connection.

  • Select Enable to enable MPoA / Static or Dynamic IP on WAN 1
  • Select Enable Bridge Mode and select LAN 1 as the bridge subnet.
  • Click on OK to save


Step 2: Testing the connection

In order to test the connection, simply connect the PC to port 1 on the Vigor2620Ln router.


Go to (Online Status >> Physical Connection) to check the WAN1 internet connection.


The WAN1 status should be enabled and the VDSL2 is on SHOWTIME state.

Now, you can test the internet connection by connecting the device to P2 LAN port. In the following example, we demonstrate the testing on a Windows 10.

Go to (Start >> Settings)

Go to Network & Internet

Go to Dial-up and click ‘Set up a new connection’.

Select Connect to the Internet as the connection option.

Enter the username and password and click OK.

Select Broadband (PPPoE) that you want to connect with

Type in the username and password

You will able to see the computer has connected to the Internet.


Use Windows key() + R and type cmd to start command line.

Use command ipconfig to check if your computer can get a IP address directly from ISP.

In this example, the IP address that received from the ISP is