In June 2021, NBN Co announced that starting from the end of January 2022, they will implement 2 new functions to VDSL2 lines (FTTN and FTTB) on the NBN network, Save Our Showtime (SOS) and Robust Overhead Channel (ROC). These functions are designed to improve stability of a VDSL2 line by preventing dropouts due to sudden large noise bursts, ensuring reliable connections to the Internet. For CPEs not supporting these new functions, another function, Seamless Rate Adaptation (SRA) will be required to ensure connectivity under certain noisy conditions.

Vigor2765 and Vigor2865 Series

For current DrayTek VDSL2 router models, such as the Vigor2765 and Vigor2865 series do support the new NBN’s SOS/ROC functions. While current firmware support the bidirectional dynamic SRA function, you will need to execute a telnet command to upgrade to the SOS/ROC function.

A new firmware that enable the SOS/ROC function by default will be available by November-December 2021.

Vigor2862 and Vigor2762 Series

The Vigor2862 and Vigor2762 series routers do not support SOS/ROC functions, however they do fully support bidirectional dynamic SRA. This function is sufficient for the router to maintain a reliable connection to the Internet on an SOS/ROC enabled VDSL2 line. The latest firmware will automatically shift back to dynamic sra when SOS-ROC is enabled by the NBN.

Vigor130,Vigor132, Vigor2620L Series, Vigor2760 Series and Vigor2860 Series Routers

You will need to upgrade these routers to the new firmware as it becomes available to ensure a reliable connection to the Internet using a SOS/ROC enabled VDSL2 line.

New firmware for the Vigor2760 and Vigor130-132 is now available for download. This firmware supports bi-directional dynamic SRA allowing the router to have a stable connection on a SOS/ROC enabled VDSL line.

Firmware details


Annex A Model: VDSL2 57c817, ADSL 575a11. Suitable for SOS-ROC VDSL lines of NBN



Annex A modem code VDSL2 579f17, Suitable for SOS-ROC VDSL lines of NBN


Annex A Model -57c817_575a11 -SOS-ROC compatible

Vigor2620L / Vigor2860

New firmware for Vigor2620L series and Vigor2860 series routers are now available on our web site. Please upgrade to the new firmware to ensure reliable connections to the Internet using a SOS/ROC enabled VDSL2 line.

Vigor2620              –  modem code 09

Vigor 2860             -Modem Vector5