Can I try VigorACS 3 before I buy?

Yes – A 30-day Trial is available.

To request a 30-Day trial of VigorACS 3 on our cloud server send an email to: or


What is the benefit of upgrading VigorACS 2 to VigorACS 3?

VigorACS 3 has all the features of VigorACS 2 but has improved Backend and Frontend features. This includes an improved web interface as well as support for SD WAN features:

  • Auto VPN (Hub-and-Spoke as well as Full Mesh)
  • Auto VoIP WAN
  • Traffic Control with SD-WAN Route Policy
  • Application Route Policy


Is there additional cost involved to upgrade VigorACS 2 to VigorACS 3?

No. The existing licence key for VigorACS 2 will be transferred to VigorACS 3 and there is no additional cost.


Does DrayTek offer a cloud based VigorACS3 installation?

No. Currently we do not offer a cloud-based installation of VigorACS 3. You will need to install VigorACS 3 on your own hardware or use one of the cloud-based servers such as Amazon or Microsoft Azure for your installation.

For details on how to do this, check out our knowledge base for ACS2 installations on cloud base servers:

How to install Vigor ACS2 in Azure Cloud – DrayTek FAQ

How to install VigorACS 2 in AWS Cloud – DrayTek FAQ

How to install VigorACS 2 in Google Cloud – DrayTek FAQ


How much does VigorACS 3 cost?

VigorACS 3 is an annual subscription, and pricing varies depending on the number of nodes required. Licenses are available for 25 nodes, 50 nodes, 100 nodes, 200 nodes, 500 nodes, 1000 nodes, all the way up to 50,000 nodes.

Please contact your DrayTek reseller for more information.


What is SD-WAN?

SD-WAN stands for Software-Defined Wide Area Network. For more information about what it does and what its advantages are, check out our page at


What is a Centralised Hotspot Server?

A Centralised Hotspot Server means all routers redirect hotspot queries to a central server. For more information, check out our page at


What is a hub and spoke VPN?

A Hub and Spoke VPN has a central VPN concentrator providing VPN connections directly to remote branch routers. For more information on how to set up Hub and Spoke VPN tunnels using VigorACS 3 refer to:


What is a mesh VPN?

A Mesh VPN does not use a central VPN concentrator but all routers are interconnected to each other by VPN tunnels providing redundant paths to each other setting up a mesh network. When using this method ensure the routers can support multiple VPN tunnels which will increase as the number of branch routers are added.  For more information on how to set up Full Mesh tunnels using VigorACS 3 refer to:


What is Auto VPN?

DrayTek’s SD-WAN solution provides the easiest way to set up VPN tunnels from scratch with just the click of a mouse. For more information, check out our page at


What is remote service provisioning?

Create a custom configuration profile and send it to all sites from the comfort of your home or office. You can also schedule backups, firmware upgrades and even create VPNs without having to go on site. This can save considerable time and money for both you and your customers.


What is Auto VoIP WAN?

SD-WAN intelligently assigns the best-quality WAN for VoIP traffic. Whenever a new call is made, SD-WAN makes sure it is going out over the best WAN available. For more information, check out “Intelligent VoIP Optimisation” at


Can I upgrade my existing VigorACS 2 installation to VigorACS 3?

Yes, you can.

Click here for Instructions on how to upgrade VigorACS 2 to VigorACS3 for windows-based installations or go to the application note:

  • Note: After upgrading to VigorACS 3, you cannot downgrade to VigorACS 2.
  • Note: VigorACS 3 must use MariaDB 10+ version.

To avoid any issues with data migration it is recommended to update VigorACS 2 to the latest version first.


Is there additional cost to upgrade VigorACS 2 to VigorACS 3?

No.  The existing licence key for VigorACS 2 will be transferred to VigorACS 3 and there is no additional cost.


How do I backup my data before I upgrade to VigorACS 3?

It is recommended to first backup the database in VigorACS 2 before upgrading to VigorACS 3.

Click here for instructions or go to


Can I downgrade a VigorACS 3 to VigorACS 2?

No. Once you have upgraded to VigorACS 3 you cannot downgrade to VigorACS 2.

During the upgrade process, the licence key for VigorACS 2 is transferred to VigorACS 3 and this process cannot be reversed.


Will VigorACS 3 be priced differently to VigorACS 2?

No, they will both have the same price.


When will VigorACS 2 be discontinued?

As at July 2021, there are no plans to discontinue VigorACS 2.


What is the maximum number of nodes that VigorACS 3 can handle?

The number of nodes supported by VigorACS 3 is determined by the licence key used.

The maximum number of nodes is 50,000.


What are the minimum requirements?

The VigorACS 3 server hardware requirements will depend on the number of nodes to manage and monitor. For 500 nodes or less a windows or Linux based system is suitable.  For more than 500 nodes it is recommended to use a Linux based system.

Click here for detailed hardware requirements or go to


Does VigorACS 3 support other brands?

No, VigorACS 3 will only support DrayTek products.


Which VigorAPs and VigorSwitches are supported by VigorACS 3?

Most later model access points and VigorSwitches running the latest firmware are supported in VigorACS 3.

Click here for a detailed list of supported devices and minimum firmware requirements or go to

Note: Some models may not have SD-WAN features but they can still be managed by VigorACS 3. See FAQ – “Which DrayTek routers support SD-WAN?”


Which DrayTek routers support SD-WAN?

Routers currently supporting SD-WAN include:

  • Vigor2865 series
  • Vigor2865 LTE series
  • Vigor2927 series
  • Vigor2927 LTE series

More routers will be added to the list in future firmware updates.

Vigor3910 will support SD WAN in firmware version 4.3.1


Do all Vigor devices  and SD-WAN count as 1 node in VigorACS 3?

A Vigor router or SD-WAN profile is counted as 1 node, and a VigorAP or VigorSwitch is counted as 0.5 node for a license of the VigorACS 3.

Does SD-WAN count as a node within VigorACS 3?

If a router is registered in ACS 3  it counts as 1 node and if it has SD-WAN features enabled then it will count as 2 nodes.