In this application note we show how to setup the Vigor2960 or Vigor3900 to capture syslogs to an attached USB flash drive and view the files from a windows PC using SAMBA.


Step 1: Insert USB flash drive into the USB port on the router

Note: the USB flash drive will need to be formatted to FAT32 otherwise it cannot be used.

Refer to:  for additional information.


Go to USB Application >>Disk Status menu and ensure The Status is “In Use


Step 2: Make USB flash drive Visible via SAMBA

Once the USB Flash drive is mounted in the Vigor router you will need to set up SAMBA so that it can be accessed from a windows PC as a shared drive.

2.1 Set up SAMBA Server

  • Go to USB Application>>SAMBA Server>>SAMBA Folder menu
  • In General Setup tab select Enable
  • Enter other details as required
  • Click Apply to save

2.2 Configure SAMBA Folder

  • Under SAMBA Folder tab click on Add to create a profile.
  • Select the volume to use and file access permissions
  • Click Apply to save

Step 3: Give users access to SAMBA File System

  • Go to User Management>>User Profile>>User Profile menu
  • Add a user
  • Select SAMBA Server Login
  • Click Apply to save

  • Check that the USB File system is visible from your windows PC.
  • In Windows go to Add Network Location and add the router file system address.

  • Connect to the file system. You may be prompted to enter a username / password before connecting.

Step 4: Set up Syslog to be Sent to USB Drive

Enable saving Syslog to USB device.

Go to System Maintenance >> Syslog/Mail Alert >> Syslog Access Setup

  • select Status as Local,
  • enable Log to USB,
  • click Apply

  • Click Apply to save the configuration.

  • Syslog file will now be saved to the USB drive in a folder named “syslog”, which is created automatically by the Vigor Router

To view the syslog click on the syslog file in the SAMBA file system and open with Notepad or you can copy to your PC.