In this guide we will show you how to configure the Vigor2620L series routers to use LAN port 2 as an Ethernet WAN interface to allow the router to be connected to a broadband service such as the NBN. The router will need to be running the latest firmware for this feature to be available.

Step 1

Go to WAN >> General Setup configuration menu. Select WAN2.

You will notice the message on this page stating that when WAN2 is activated, LAN port 2 will become WAN 2.

Step 2: Configure WAN 2

  • Enable WAN2. Physical Type will be Ethernet by default.
  • Enter LAN Tag to match ISP requirements if required.
  • For Active Mode, select Always On if WAN 2 is going to be your primary WAN connection.

Note: For Vigor2620L only one WAN connection can be active at one time.

Click OK to save.

The router will reboot to save the settings.

After rebooting the WAN>>General Setup menu should look similar to the image below:

Step 3: Configure Internet Connection

  • Go to WAN >> Internet Access configuration menu.
  • For WAN2 select the required Access Mode. For our example we will select Static or Dynamic IP.
  • Click on Details Page to complete the configuration of WAN 2


Step 4: Configure WAN2 details

For our example we will use DHCP.

  • select Enable and also select Obtain an IP address automatically as shown below.
  • Now click OK to save the configuration.

The router will reboot to save the WAN configuration changes.

Step 5

Connect LAN port 2 of the router to the Internet service (e.g. NBN connection)

Go to Online Status>>Online Status menu or the Dashboard page and check that WAN2 is now active.