By default, the VigorSwitch Management VLAN is set to VLAN ID 1.

A situation may arise where you may change the VLAN assignment of the VigorSwitch ports but did not allow for the management VLAN to be accessible from one of the ports. In this case it will be difficult to access the VigorSwitch management page via the web GUI or telnet.

The procedure below applies to the VigorSwitch 2280 series.

Step 1: Connect PC to VigorSwitch Console Port

  1. Connect the console cable supplied with the VigorSwitch as shown in the diagram below

PC Connection

Notebook Connection using USB adapter

Step 2: Configure Console Port

Note: Com port selection may vary depending on your PC or laptop

Using Hyper Terminal on the PC

Baud rate: 115200

Data bits: 8

Stop bits: 1

Parity: None

Flow control: None

Using PuTTY Utility

Baud rate: 115200

Data bits: 8

Stop bits: 1

Parity: None

Flow control: None

Click on Open to start terminal session.

The terminal screen will now appear with the login prompt.

The default login is:

Username: admin

Password: admin

Step 3: Change Management VLAN Settings

Once connected to the VigorSwitch, go to configure mode and run the command: management-vlan vlan x” where x is the new VLAN you want to change to.

command syntax:

Telnet Command: management-vlan

Use this command to set VLAN ID for management VLAN.

Syntax Items

management-vlan vlan


Syntax Items Description

management-vlan vlan Set the management VLAN ID.

<1-4094>- Specify the VLAN ID number of management VLAN.

Related Syntax:

<config># management-vlan vlan <1-4094>



To change management VLAN to VID 10 run the following commands:

G2280# configure


G2280(config)# management-vlan vlan 10

VLAN 200: VLAN does not exist


Once Management VLAN is changed you should be able to log into the VigorSwitch through an Ethernet switch port.