VigorACS 2 is a TR-069 based centralized management system for DrayTek Vigor devices.

TR-069 is an application layer protocol for remote management of end user devices. It was developed for automatic configuration of modems, routers, gateways, access points etc. by using an Auto Configuration Server.

The connection between the CPE device and the ACS 2 server is not permanent. The CPE device establishes the connection with the ACS only at specific points in time determined by the Periodic Inform Interval setting in the CPE device. It usually lasts several seconds exchanging all necessary messages between the CPE and the ACS 2 server.


Note: The TR-069 session can be started only by the CPE device.

With older router firmware when the router sends TR-069 updates to the VigorACS 2 server, it will cause a short spike in CPU load in the router which can affect time sensitive applications such as VOIP, which is noticeable as a short blip in the audio. This has been rectified in later firmware versions.

This issue is due to the mechanism used by the Vigor routers to handle TR-069 communication. This issue has been resolved in the latest firmware versions.

However, TR-069 tasks that requires data to be written back to the router will cause an increase in CPU load in the router. These tasks include firmware updates, configuration changes etc, and it is recommended to schedule these tasks to be run outside normal business hours to minimize impact on time sensitive applications.