Titan is a cloud-based software used by car dealers to manage their inventory and business.

There had been some reports where PC’s connected through DrayTek routers experience slow or intermittent Titan connectivity issues.

The issue has been identified as being due to a TCP timeout on web traffic to Titan resulting in connections being closed.

Increasing the TCP www and TCP Syn values helps to resolve this issue.

To do this run the telnet command “portmaptime


Command syntax:

DrayTek> portmaptime ?                                                                                                 


PortmapTimeSetting   [-<command> <parameter> | … ] 

-t <sec> :              set TCP protocol session timeout.

-u <sec> :             set UDP protocol session timeout. 

-i <sec> :               set ICMP protocol session timeout.

-w <sec> :            set TCP WWW protocol session timeout.

-s <sec> :              set TCP SYN protocol session timeout.

-f       :                    flush all portmaps (useful for diagnostics) 

 -l <List> :              List your all setting                                                                                                                     

Note: this telnet cmd only works when half of the sessions are still available                          


To check current settings run the command:

portmaptime –l

— current setting —

TCP 86400

UDP 180

Icmp 10

TCP www 60

TCP syn 60



Update both TCP www and TCP Syn to 10800 or greater

Note run the command “sys commit” at the end to make the changes permanent



portmaptime –l

portmaptime -s 86400

portmaptime -w 86400

portmaptime –l

sys commit