VigorACS 2 allows the network administrator to not only monitor the real-time status of the device but also obtain all specified CPE information through the built in “Report” function. The generated report helps administrators to clearly see Firmware versions, WAN / LAN traffic, port connection status, Device Information, Configurations, and more. Here are some of the different reports that can be generated from ACS2 2.5.2.

Another article covering ACS Reporting is available at:

Firmware Version Report

Create a report task to check all using version and send it by email regularly.


WAN/LAN traffic report

Generate a report to view the WAN/LAN traffic

Device Information Report

Generate a report to view the detail device information and download the file directly.

1. Create new report task


2. Download the file

Custom Device Configuration Report

Device configuration can help check specified settings. For example, a network administrator wants to check that the SSIDs of all CPEs are the same so that mobile users can roam to other access points or routers. It’s no need to check the settings one by one. Following are the steps to create the report.

  1. Find the TR-069 parameters of the settings by navigating to CPE Configuration >> Advanced >> Advanced Parameter
  2. Put them into the Parameter List on the report task.