The guide will show you how to configure the Vigor2620 LTE series router to enable 4G communication via the embedded 4G USB modem. You will need a Standard size SIM card from a service provider. In our example we will configure the LTE interface (WAN 3) as the primary connection so it will be always on and WAN 1 will be the backup connection.

Insert the sim Card as follows


Step 1: Configure the LTE Interface as the primary WAN connection

If the LTE WAN is not enabled as the primary WAN connection use the following steps.

Go to WAN >> General Setup menu

  • Click on the LTE
  • Select “Yes” for Enable
  • For Active Mode select “Always On
  • Click OK to save

The router will restart to save the settings.

LTE is now configured as the primary WAN connection.

Step 2: Configure LTE

Go to WAN >> Internet Access menu

  • For Access mode select 3G/4G LTE Modem (DHCP mode)
  • Click on Details Page

  • Select Enable
  • For SIM 1 Settings enter the APN name for your service provider
  • If you have a SIM card inserted into SIM slot 2, enter the APN Name for this SIM card
  • Click OK to save

Note: SIM 1(lower SIM slot) has higher priority.  SIM 2 will come online when SIM 1 fails or WAN budget threshold is met to stop SIM 1 and transfer WAN connectivity to SIM 2.


Step 3: Check LTE connection

Go to Online Status>>Physical Connection menu.

You should see the LTE connection details in green text in the LTE Status and USB Modem sections.

More details on the connection details are available in the LTE>>Status menu as shown below.