DrayTek VigorSwitch model names include features such as switch type, number of ports etc.  This information provided in this article will help you select a VigorSwitch matching your requirements.

1. VigorSwitch Port Specification

First two letters indicate the port spec of the switch model.

G: The port in the switch support up to 1 Gbps.
P: The port in the switch support PoE.
X: The port in the switch support up to 10 Gbps.
F: The port in the switch support Fibre feature.

2. Management type of the switch

The first digit refers to the management type.
For the differences between management types refer to the FAQ article: Differences between Switch types

3. Port numbers

After that, two digits shows the number of the port

4. Serial number

The last digit is the serial number

5. Uplink Spec

Some of the models have a lowercase letter behind, which is the uplink spec.

6. Example

For example, P2280 is a PoE model with L2 management and 28 ports.