The serial number of the Vigor router is required when submitting a support request. If the router is not local or is inaccessible, you can send us its MAC address from the WebUI’s Dashboard and we can look up the serial number in our database.

A new feature introduced in firmware version 3.9.1, will display the serial number in the Service Status page of the WebUI. In the Vigor2862 for example, when accessing the Status Service menu, you will be prompted to log into MyVigor if this router has been associated with a MyVigor account. After logging in, you will be presented with the device information, such as MyVigor account, email address and license information, as shown below.

This information is stored on the MyVigor server, and all data is encrypted during transmission to the router. If the router is reset to factory default settings, any data pertaining to the router will also be deleted in the router.

You can still check the Serial Number by logging in with other MyVigor account. However, the owner account details and email address will not be displayed. Instead, the following warning message will be displayed: