The Port Redirection Table may be used to expose internal servers to the public domain or open a specific port number to internal hosts. Internet hosts can use the WAN IP address to access internal network services. Requests from the Internet are mapped to the private IP address/port of the internal server. This is illustrated in the diagram below:

Note: Port redirection only applies to incoming traffic

You can forward a different external port to the port of your internal Server/PC. This allows you to have more than one internal server using the same port number.

We will use an example to show how to set up port redirection. In our example we have 5 PCs in our LAN with IP addresses ranging from to We want to use Remote Desktop to control these 5 PCs. We will need to setup Port Redirections for these 5 PCs as shown below:

Steps Required

  • Go to “NAT>>Port Redirection” Configuration Page. 
  • Click on the first available index number.
  • Tick “Enable” to activate this profile.
  • Enter the required details as shown in the screen shot below then click on [OK] to save.


Then we can access the PCs with Remote Desktop on TCP 11000; 12000….15000 port of the router’s WAN IP address.

Note: The Vigor router has its own built-in services (servers) such as Telnet, HTTP and FTP etc. The port numbers may the same as used by your server. You will need to change the default port numbers used by the router to avoid a conflict. This can be changed in “System Maintenance >>Management Setup” configuration menu.