A problem exists with the latest firmware (version and with session control in the router.

For example, unable to turn off the session control when multiple torrents sessions are running (e.g. 10 users) on the network. The router can easily reach its
limit quickly, and effectively stop the entire network.

Error message displayed:

“You have reached the maximum number of permitted Internet sessions.
Please close one or more applications to allow further Internet access.
Contact your system administrator for further information.”

Workaround Solution

As an interim measure until the new firmware becomes available, try the following procedure:

Use telnet command ‘portmaptime – ‘to setup session timeout value to ease this problem.

Example, your session limit is 1000 and it shows you have 1000 tcp sessions currently, but 500 are old sessions.

Default TCP timeout is 86400s. So old sessions not being released fast enough.

You can use ‘portmaptime -t 60‘ to setup TCP timeout as 60s.

Then old sessions can be released after 60s.

You can also use this command to setup UDP,ICMP…timeout value.

Then it can’t easily reach its limit quickly and effectively stop the entire network.

Using Mac

Use terminal to telnet to the router.

telnet ‘IP address of the router’

Account: admin

Password: ‘password of your router’s admin page’

Then type ‘portmaptime -t 60