The QoS function in DrayTek VoIP models is pre-configured to give priority to VoIP calls to/from the FXS ports built into the router. However, if you have an external VoIP device connected on the LAN side of the router, this device needs special QoS configuration in your DrayTek Vigor router.

The following example shows how to configure the Vigor2710 router with an attached IP PBX unit which use VoIP. The IP PBX unit has been allocated a static IP addresses Here we will give priority to all traffic from the PABX to the Internet.

Step 1: Create a Rule for QoS

Go to “Bandwidth Management>>Quality of Service” configuration menu.

Under Class Rule, select Edit Rule the first available index. Here we will edit the rule for Class 1.

Under “Class Index #1”  Type in  the name for the rule. We have entered PABX.

Next Click on “Add”  and enter the IP address of the PABX system.  

  • Leave Remote address set to ANY
  • DiffServ CodePoint  set to ANY
  • Service Type set to ANY

Tick the ACT box to activate the settings.

Index 1 setting now should look as in the picture below:

Step 2: Configure Bandwidth Allocation

Go to “Bandwidth Management>>Quality of Service” configuration menu.

Click on Setup as shown below and enter the required bandwidth allocation for each class. The Total of all the classes has to add up to 100%. Here we have set up a dynamic allocation of 49% of the available bandwidth to be reserved for the PABX system.

Tick “Enable the QoS Control” box to turn on QoS.