To enhance the secure management and control of Vigor routers.

Current drawback : Any one can still log into Vigor routers by user mode (user name /password as empty/empty) to adjust the configuration set by administrator with admin mode.

New scheme:

1. The default setting of two level management will be changed as :

Default admin mode is set to be on and default user mode is set to be off. Hence user can only log into router with admin mode only for the first time usage.

2. Default user name and password of admin mode is admin / admin

3. New user mode status will be displayed at the bottom of the system status page.


4. To enable the user mode, please go to System Maintenance>>User Password to adjust the setting as well as set password for user mode. The password can not be null (empty). The user name of user mode retains null as previous defined.


5. If user mode has been turned on, the status will be changed as below.