Prompt 05    Auto Attendant office hours greeting

Prompt 06    Auto Attendant after hours greeting

Prompt 11     Music on hold (.wav File)

System Prompt # Prompt Details Voice Prompt Message
24 Wrong password


wrong password, goodbye
25 there is not voice mail message left


 sorry, you don’t have messages, good bye
26 Play menu prompt  ‘0’ next ,’1′ repeat, ‘2’ delete ,’9′ option ,’#’ exit
27 //The option menu prompt


 ‘*’ to play, ‘4’ to delete all messages,’#’ exit
28 //The input password prompt

//voice: please input the password, and enter ‘#’ to finish it

30 //correct password prompt and you have message

//voice: You have messages, ‘*’ to play, ‘9’ option ,’#’ exit

33 //delete one voice mail message

//voice : delete the message, ‘*’ confirm, ‘#’cancel

34 //delete all voice mail messages

//voice: delete all messages,’*’ confirm ,’#’ cancel

36 //voice: After hear a “beep” tone, you can start recording

voice message

39 //voice: Not a valid extension, please try again